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Teacher and Student


At My College, all students should feel





At My College, we aim to develop our student’s character and Islamic Values by promoting positive
behaviour and ensuring a safe, respectful and caring environment for all students and staff.

My College supports the welfare and well-being of students, their families and staff by providing
assistance to access relevant services and information, and support students individually or in group

These guidelines will be for students, staff and parents and are based on the college values of Mercy
and justice as well as the principles Australian Democracy which at its heart has human rights of
freedom of speech.

My College strongly supports the safety of all their students, therefore Corporal punishment in any
form of physically touching a child with the intent of hurting them is not permitted under any

My College values the implementation of Restorative Practices.  Restorative practice is an approach that enables the repair of relationships that have been damaged, including those damaged through bullying. It does this by bringing about a sense of remorse and restorative action on the part of the offender and forgiveness by the victim.

This method is not about simply punishing students, but rather holds students accountable for their errors, which may help reduce reoffending.

For more information on our behaviour guidelines, please review our Behaviour Guidelines.

Behaviour Guidelines

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