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  • MyCollege only caters for PREP-3 in 2021, what if I have a child in another year level?"
    Our registration with the VRQA is pending for P-3, however with Allah’s will, we anticipate opening Level 4 in 2022, level 5 in 2023 and Level in 2024 Inshallah. We understand due to Covid-19 impact you may be considering for your child to repeat their current year level, you must ensure you let us know. We strongly encourage you to put in an expression of interest to ensure we can reach out to you and secure your child’s enrolment when the time comes prior to 2021 academic year inshallah.
  • Will MyCollege be teaching Victorian Curriculum and Islamic Teachings?
    MyCollege will be teaching curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculm Standards along with dedicated time for Islamic Studies and Quran. Arabic will be offered as a second language to supplement Quran studies. We are open to all denominations non denominations at My College.
  • Am I able to visit the school site and see the facilities?
    The location of MyCollege is: 92 Railway Crescent, Broadmeadows VIC 3047 (opposite the Broadmeadows Shopping Town). However due to construction work, we ask that you do not enter the grounds until notified. We will organise an Open Day for parents and children for a tour of the MyCollege Facilities before the end of the year inshallah. My College is strategically located near the MyCentre Childcare and local transport. There is also a vast area for parent parking to assist with pickup/drop off times. Modular classroom construction is near completion together with additional facilities including, Library, Art Room, sporting facilities, First Aid room, Reception area and offices.
  • When will I know if my child’s position has been secured at MyCollege?
    Once we have confirmation from VRQA (Inshallah) we will notify all parents as soon as possible via phone call, sms or via email. Please check this on a regular basis. We will then provide information on the enrolment procedure.
  • Will MYC provide bus services?
    Unfortunately, in 2021, we will not have bus services, however Inshallah by 2022, we will have bus services available. Pick up and drop off zones will be distributed once these locations are finalised.
  • Will the school be segregated?
    Currently My College do not intend to segregate the students as they are of a young age. However, this may be reconsidered in the future.
  • What is the school mission statement?
    My College Mission Our mission is to provide a learning environment that is student centred, conducive to personal growth and enrich the lives of students and their communities. My College Vision Our vision is to provide transformative and personalised education by assisting students to achieve their personal best; and academic excellence through Islamic faith-inspired impactful actions. My College Values Mercy – Justice – Growth – Excellency – Contribution
  • What are the School Fees?
    Please click here for the school fees and levy
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